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Contamination Management, Valley Line LRT


Edmonton, Alberta



Contaminated Sites Management


Associated, as part of the Edmonton Valley Line LRT design and construction team, was responsible for the identification (Alberta Tier 1 Soil and Groundwater Remediation Guidelines), quantification, and management of all contaminated soils and groundwater intersected by the 13.1 km alignment, which passes through seven known contaminated sites and numerous newly identified sites that include old landfills, gas stations, and industrial properties.

The required tasks included a review of all available Phase II reports relevant to the project development, the identification of data gaps, the preparation of supplementary soil testing plans so that adequate site-specific data were available, and the preparation of maps and cross-sections that highlight the depth and extent of contamination within the proposed works areas. The findings of this analysis were used to prepare site-specific Contamination Management Plans that detail the locations and depths of contamination, health and safety requirements (e.g., landfill gas monitoring), confirmatory sampling plans, as well as post-excavation disposal/handling strategies. Soil re-use opportunities were determined through an analysis of fill location land use and Alberta Tier 2 Soil and Groundwater Remediation Guidelines.

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