Big Dock and Water Front Area Redevelopment

  • Big Dock and Water Front Area Redevelopment
  • Big Dock and Water Front Area Redevelopment

Lac La Biche is a well-known recreational lake with a range of recreational amenities and a number of special events that attract large numbers of visitors each year.  Due to present growth pressures, the Big Dock Committee identified the need to guide and protect future development while enhancing the Lake Shore Drive, McArthur Park and the Big Dock area.

Associated Engineering partnered with EIDOS Consultants and ParioPlan to complete the Lac La Biche Waterfront & Work Program Design Brief. The purpose of the Design Brief was to prepare and implement a waterfront Plan and work program for the lake shore that capitalized the natural settings, historical and cultural value of the area.

After consultation with the Big Dock Committee and the Community, the following concept plan was developed for the area along the Lake Shore Drive, which would incorporate the following:

  • Multi-use promenaded along the lake shore
  • Barrier-free access and improvements to small beach areas
  • Roadway enhancements allow barrier-free pedestrian accessibility
  • Re-development of the existing Big Dock area to include, removal of the existing dock, development of a new dock with marina facilities, and fuel services
  • Beach Front enhancements at McArthur Park, such as picnic shelters, promenade, groomed beach
  • Development of a water play area