Tsawwassen First Nation Sewage Treatment Plant

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Associated Engineering partnered with Maple Reinders Inc. on a Design-Build contract to design and construct the new sewage treatment plant (STP) for the Tsawwassen First Nation.  The project decommissioned and replaced the existing facility, required to meet increases in sanitary flows from a major new commercial mall, several new residential developments, and a new industrial park.

The new plant is designed for an average wet weather flow of 4500 m3 /day. The treated effluent is pumped from the STP site and transported into a wetland area through a new pipeline/outfall. This STP is considered a Class I facility under the MWR application. The site was pre-loaded for six months and the ground was improved with stone columns to make this a Post-Disaster Facility.

The design includes a building to house plant controls and administration facilities, and was completed in 2015.