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Kelowna, British Columbia


Water Supply, Storage, & Distribution

The Knox Mountain Reservoir is a two cell 10 ML capacity reservoir constructed circa 1930 by blasting two open basins out of the rock side hill.

The masonry rubble walls had deteriorated over time and the reservoir was operated at a reduced water level to mitigate leakage and seismic risk.  Wishing to restore the original storage capacity and eliminate leakage, the City retained Associated Engineering to upgrade the reservoir.  Associated Engineering developed a cost-effective solution to demolish the existing walls and replace them with cantilevered concrete walls anchored to the rock substrate.  New floor slabs were cast to intercept leakage and provide a surface which is easily maintained.

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Project Highlights

In a previous assignment to minimize the risk of contamination, the City retained Associated Engineering to design and supervise the construction of concrete covers for the reservoir.  Associated Engineering prepared alternate designs for cast-in-place concrete and steel covers for the reservoir.  Following a public tender process, the cast-in-place concrete system was chosen as the most cost-effective solution.

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