Remote & Resource Bridges

Associated Engineering brings expertise in designing bridges and roads in remote areas. Our experience includes low volume road bridges as well as low volume, high load bridges for the resource sectors. We have designed bridges crossing steep canyons and fast-flowing rivers with challenging access. Our team specializes in working with clients to plan and develop cost-efficient transportation structures in remote and challenging environments, optimizing cost for transportation of materials and with thoughtful attention to construction staging and erection engineering.

  • Tracey Kucheravy

    Tracey Kucheravy C.E.T.

    Senior Bridge Technologist

    • My approach to project delivery is to be organized, fully understand the drawings and specifications, and be open to change. I strive to keep clients informed throughout a project to minimize potential site issues.
    • I am passionate about my art (drawing and painting) and enjoy spending time with my family and friends.
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