Granville Bridge Seismic Retrofit and Renewal

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Contact: Don Kennedy

Associated Engineering developed a bearing replacement scheme to address the removal of PCB contaminants in the main truss span bearings of this highly visible eight-lane structure.  Mandatory bearing replacement offered the ideal opportunity to upgrade the steel truss spans by installing base isolation bearings and enhancing seismic performance. 

Seismic base-isolation design was carried out to extract optimal performance from the existing capacity-limited substructure. Key to bearing replacement was to develop a scheme to jack up the steel trusses, which had no jacking provision.  Innovative designs were prepared for the complex temporary work needed to replace bearings of up to 7 MN load capacity.

Key services included:

  • Inspection of the truss spans.
  • Preliminary and detailed design for the bearing replacements.
  • Integration of construction staging and public safety into the designs.
  • Load rating of the truss spans using 3-D BIM and structural modeling.
  • Structural evaluation, design, and construction services for concrete pier strengthening.
  • Seismic assessment using modern bridge performance criteria.
  • Development of environmental authorization applications, and liaison with Federal Agencies regarding application of PCB regulations to bridges.