Greens on Gardiner

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The Greens on Gardiner is an award-winning residential subdivision located in southeast Regina. The development encompasses 177.3 ha, including 28.9 ha of green space, and 16.8 ha of mixed and commercial retail sites. The design population is 9665, including 1732 single-family units and 2438 multi-family units.

The Greens on Gardiner represents a unique approach to subdivision design. Project Manager Daryl Brown, notes, “The neighbourhood has incorporated many sustainable design principles. Walkability and sense of community are enhanced through the widened and separate sidewalks, complete with back lanes and landscaped boulevards. The cross-section and right of way widths for each road have been designed to enhance quality of life within the neighbourhood. The distinctive feel of the streetscape is further improved by the first in the province eco-friendly, concrete streetlights.”