Muskeg River Bridge

  • Muskeg River Bridge

Associated Engineering provided overall design, project management, hydrotechnical analysis, construction services and coordination of work with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Alberta Environment and utility owners. The project comprised the design and construction of a river crossing bridge, which consisted of a 30 metre steel girder founded on driven steel pipe piles. The deck comprised 11 metre full width deck panels with a transverse reinforced joint.

With a compressed design time frame and construction window, we incorporated a number of the features used in BC resource sector to expedite construction of the bridge. These included the use of precast concrete deck panels to minimize the amount of cast-in-place concrete work and reduce the duration of construction. In addition to accommodating highway legal traffic, we designed the bridge to accommodate a number of overload vehicles thereby ensuring that the bridge had sufficient capacity to support the transportation of the heavy modules that are integral to the economical construction of the plant.