Okanagan Valley Drought Planning

  • Okanagan Valley Drought Planning
  • Okanagan Valley Drought Planning
Contact: Dave Hayward

Okanagan municipalities and other water purveyors are responsible for storing and delivering water for domestic, agricultural, and other purposes. The water suppliers are managed and operated independently. Each water supplier faces a unique situation with respect to water storage, supply, and demand, and accordingly they each have their own strategies to respond to drought. Since there can be different approaches even within a municipality, there is potential for confusion and lack of understanding among residents.

The Okanagan Basin Water Board retained Associated Environmental to examine the range of approaches used for drought planning and drought response within the Okanagan valley, and to provide recommendations for harmonizing local drought planning and response approaches, and improving valley-wide collaboration and communication.

The work is intended to improve consistency among water suppliers, improve communication and engagement of local residents, and improve understanding of water conservation.