Roads and Drainage Construction, Lake Babine Nation

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In recent years, Tachet has experienced water ingress and severe mould problems in a number of houses.  Issues were attributed to poor drainage, which allowed stormwater to flow uncontrollably into many homes.  The community needed to develop a comprehensive drainage plan and identify a solution to move water away from affected homes.  The community also required road improvements, such as roadside drainage ditches, driveway culverts, and roadway culverts, and wanted to correct the poor drainage caused by the deterioration of the gravel road surface. Lake Babine Nation retained Associated Engineering to complete a comprehensive drainage plan and identify improvements.  

The existing community drainage system was limited to a single 450 millimetre diameter culvert.  The remaining drainage consisted of uncontrolled overland flow routes along the road surfaces and through residential lots and natural areas.  The drainage system left the community susceptible to uncontrolled stormwater flow on roadways, driveways, and residential lots; erosion and flooding of roadways and natural surfaces; and potential sediment concerns to receiving watercourses.  Following the development of the drainage plan, Lake Babine Nation engaged Associated Engineering to complete the preliminary and detailed design and oversee construction of the community’s drainage and roadway improvements.