Urban Drainage

Managing stormwater as a resource fosters a mind-set grounded in sustainability principles.  At Associated, we encourage integrated approaches for managing stormwater at a basin level. The key objectives are to maintain or improve the ecological health of watersheds by helping clients manage watersheds in a holistic manner.  

This includes planning development in a manner that protects environmentally sensitive areas, maximizes the use of stormwater source controls (LID’s), and incorporates stormwater Best Management Practices (BMP’s). Our team of water resources engineers, hydrologists, aquatic and terrestrial biologists, planners, hydrogeologists, geomorphologists and facilitators bring an integrated approach to watershed management that minimizes the potential for flood-related damage, erosion, and sedimentation and promotes sustainable design.

  • Zian Sally

    Zian Sally M.Eng., P.Eng.

    Water Resources Engineer

    • I want to make rivers more sustainable; the places we live more resilient to climate, demographic, and economic changes; provide safe water for communities; and shape a more equitable world through my work and life.  
    • The martial art of Capoeira is the ideal space in which to engage my interests in martial arts, acrobatics, music, dance, creativity, community, philosophy, and social justice. Daily practice keeps me balanced, energized, and fulfilled.
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