Coldstream Ranch Gravel Extraction and Reclamation Plan

  • Gravel Extraction and Reclamation Plan
  • Gravel Extraction and Reclamation Plan
Contact: Rob Kupchanko

Coldstream Ranch operates a 3,000-hectare operation in the Coldstream Valley east of the City of Vernon, comprising of a large cattle operation, and is active in harvesting timber and extracting aggregate. Gravel extraction occurs in the Rosebush Pit, on land that is within the BC Agricultural Land Reserve. Extraction is conducted by a local, third-party contractor that has been running the open gravel pit since the late-1980s. Since the mid-1990s, Coldstream Ranch has retained Associated Environmental for both planning and monitoring their extraction and reclamation.

We updated the current extraction and reclamation plan. The updated plan covers areas proposed for future gravel extraction and reclamation, and also addresses how the proposed activities will aid in achieving the reclamation objectives specified in the Agricultural Land Commission Permit. As part of the conditions to mine the Rosebush Pit, Coldstream Ranch is required to submit regular extraction and reclamation monitoring reports to the Agricultural Land Commission, as well as quarterly reports monitoring the reclamation land balance.

The last application for gravel extraction was submitted in November 2011, with areas extending northward to capture the remaining gravel reserves. in October 2012, the BC Agricultural Land Commission approved the application and, as a result, mining is projected to continue to 2018 or later. We will continue to provide quarterly reports and give reclamation advice until the mine is fully reclaimed, which we anticipate will be between 2020 and 2023.