Gold Bar Wastewater Treatment Plant

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The City of Edmonton’s Gold Bar Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrade program continued with a $10 million capital works project. Construction and commissioning was completed in December, 2004. This project, led by Associated Engineering in collaboration with sub-consultants UMA and Magna IV, included the design and construction of an eleventh 32 ML/d biological nutrient removal (BNR) treatment train. This project also included:

  • A feasibility study for a 40 ML/d membrane based reuse quality water facility
  • Evaluation of a 150 ML/d facility to disinfect secondary treatment bypass flows
  • A new 320 ML/d alum storage and dosing facility

Design of an alum dosing system for phosphorus removal was also performed by Associated Engineering to ensure year-round targets can be met under all foreseeable raw water conditions.

The City of Edmonton has progressively approached full plant conversion to a BNR process throughout the 1990’s, often in studies involving Associated Engineering. A number of reports and trials have been performed to confirm BNR capability and process stability under varying plant and climatic conditions.