Career Growth

Whether you are a new graduate or an experienced professional, we will help you build the career that you want. In addition to working on a variety of projects, we will help you reach your goals and potential by providing ongoing support and guidance, including a number of learning and developmental opportunities and allocating time dedicated to your professional development.

Career Development

To help you decide on or plan for your career of choice, we have developed resources that identify typical career paths in the company, and the qualifications and responsibilities for a variety of key roles. Although many of our people follow a typical career path, we recognize that mutually-beneficial opportunities my surface that result in a different career path for some people and we support that.

Your journey towards your career goals with be supported by opportunities for training, education, conferences, seminars, networking, mentoring, and our career and development program. We work with you to identify opportunities to further increase your success.

Mentoring Programs

With an open door policy, you are invited to reach out to anyone in the company to discuss or solicit feedback on any matter of importance to you. We can also help you make meaningful connections via our mentoring programs. Based on your personal and professional goals, we can match you with a suitable mentor in our one-on-one program, or you can join one of our mentoring circles based on your professional interests and benefit from peer-to-peer mentoring and the exchange of ideas. Whether you are in the early stages of your career or a seasoned professional looking for your next challenge, our mentoring programs provide access to mentors from all levels of the company, working in various careers.

Pursuit of Designation

We know that pursuing your professional designation is both exciting and hard work. Our Member-in-Training Program will help you work towards your professional designation by assigning an internal support person who will help you stay on track and ensure you are gaining the right experiences and developing key competency skills. Our goal is to help prepare you as much as we can and as you need to achieve your designation – your success is our success.

Students & New Graduates

We all remember what mattered the most to us when we started out in our careers – meaningful work experiences, opportunities to learn, networking, and ongoing support and feedback. This is what you will receive whether you are working with us as a student or a new graduate. In addition to our mentoring programs, our Young Professionals Group provides additional learning and networking opportunities to those who are in the early stages of their career. We are very proud to be part of many students’ work terms with several returning to permanent positions after graduation.

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