Freegold Road Functional Plan

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Contact: Matthew Bowen

The Freegold Road is a seasonally maintained two-way, single lane gravel resource road. The road provides access to a number of mineral exploration projects and placer mine operations along its 70 kilometre length. From the end of the Freegold Road, Casino Mining Corporation proposed to build a 130 kilometre extension in order to access their Casino Property, a copper, gold, molybdenum project. With the expansion, traffic along the Freegold Corridor could increase from approximately 24 vehicles to 220 vehicles per day.

The Yukon Government retained Associated Engineering to develop a Functional Plan for the Freegold Road to prioritize improvements along the corridor. The intention of the Functional Plan was to address the potential needs of the Casino Mine Project, as well as other resource exploration and placer mine operations along the corridor. 

The results of the Functional Plan now assist the Yukon Government in the development of short-term and long-term capital budgets, as well as the prioritization of upgrading this corridor with respect to other transportation corridors throughout the Territory.